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    bad money drives out good

    Recently, the price of raw material DMSO has skyrocketed. A customer who has cooperated with us for many years has been looking for the price. Because Hansen has been using high-purity DMSO for 20 years, our quotation has risen slightly. The customer understands: "Hansen can adhere to its own principles, I am very satisfied for the quality!"


    Nowadays, there is often a phenomenon that bad money drives out good  in the market. Due to the lack of information of buyers, When the estimated value of the product is the same, sellers will choose to provide items with lower real value, resulting in fewer and fewer items with higher real value.


    Zhuzhou Hansen chemical (Hunan Ansen biological) has been adhering to the concept of quality first for 20 years, insisting on use high-purity DMSO ,to control the quality from raw materials and sources. With 99.9% pure MSM, no nitrate and nitrite residues, Kosher and Halal certification, Non-GMO, gluten free,allergen free, BSEfree, etc. Hansen MSM are very popular all over the world.